Welcome to my website

        From an early age I have enjoyed drawing animals. Then I turned to other activities but my love for dogs and horses drove me back to my art, whereas, living in Ireland, I attended dog shows and met well-known Irish animal artists. 

     I bred Irish Terriers for many years, now I have whippets ; sighthounds and terriers became my main subjects but I don't limit myself and enjoy painting other breeds of dogs, horses and wild animals.   

     I choose the subjects of my paintings according to the emotion they evoke in me and hope to transvey those feelings throught my art.   

         I am a member of the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society and the Society of Equestrian Artists, both based in England.


Finalist at the "David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year Competition" in 2011 

Awarded a "Special Merit" and a "Special Recognition" at "Animals Art Competition 2014" of the Online Gallery Light Space and Time  www.lightspacetime.com


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